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17 Jul, 2023
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Solar Aircon Systems: Frequently Asked Questions, Answered

The combination of solar technology and air conditioning systems has piqued the interest of homeowners and business owners alike. Solar aircon systems offer undeniable benefits as an energy-efficient and cost-effective alternative, but some questions concerning their implementation and operation still remain. 

In this comprehensive article, we will answer some of the most frequently asked questions about solar aircon systems, providing you with all the information you need to make an informed decision. We will also illustrate how LPS Electrical, your trusted solar energy partner, can guide you throughout the process.

Solar Aircon Systems: How Do They Work?

Solar aircon systems harness solar energy to either partially or entirely reduce the reliance on grid electricity for air conditioning power. A solar aircon system usually connects a split aircon unit and a solar PV (photovoltaic) system that converts sunlight into usable electricity. 

There are two types of solar aircon systems: hybrid and fully solar-powered. The hybrid systems combine solar energy with grid power, while fully solar-powered systems rely only on solar energy.

Can I Convert My Existing Aircon System to Solar?

Depending on their compatibility, it is possible to convert some existing aircon systems to solar. It’s essential to consult a professional from LPS Electrical, who can assess your current system and determine whether a conversion is possible or if a new solar-ready system is a better option.

How Much Solar Energy Is Needed to Power an Aircon System?

The amount of solar energy required to power your aircon system depends on multiple factors, including the unit’s power rating, the average daily energy consumption, and the solar PV system’s efficiency. To better understand your specific needs and determine the optimal solar power capacity required for your system, consulting an expert from LPS Electrical is highly recommended.

What Factors Influence the Efficiency of Solar Aircon Systems?

Several factors can influence a solar aircon system’s efficiency:

  • Solar Panels: High-quality, efficient solar panels are essential for optimal energy production and aircon system performance.
  • Installation: Proper placement and angling of solar panels are critical for generating the maximum usable energy.
  • Environment: Geography, the amount of daily sunlight, and any potential shading issues all play a role in determining solar panel productivity.
  • Maintenance: Regular maintenance, including solar panel cleaning and aircon system servicing, maintains optimal efficiency throughout the system’s lifespan.

What Are the Environmental Benefits of Solar Aircon Systems?

Solar aircon systems offer significant environmental benefits:

  • Reduced Carbon Emissions: Solar energy is a clean and renewable source of electricity, drastically reducing your aircon systems’ greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Sustainable Cooling: By utilising sunlight instead of grid electricity, solar aircon systems contribute to a more sustainable and environmentally friendly heating and cooling solution.

What Is the Average Payback Period for Solar Aircon Systems?

The payback period for solar aircon systems varies based on system cost, installation cost, energy usage, local electricity rates, and available government incentives or rebates. Generally, a solar aircon system’s payback period can range from 3 to 7 years. It’s crucial to consult with an expert from LPS Electrical to evaluate the expected payback period for your specific solar aircon system.

Are There Any Government Incentives Available for Solar Aircon Systems?

Depending on your location, government incentives or rebate schemes might be available to offset the initial cost of installing a solar aircon system. It’s essential to research available incentives in your area and consult with LPS Electrical to determine your eligibility for these programs.

The Role of LPS Electrical in Solar Aircon System Installation and Maintenance

LPS Electrical is your trusted partner in the process of integrating solar aircon systems:

  • Consultation: Our experienced team can provide knowledgeable guidance on determining the ideal solar aircon system for your needs.
  • Installation: Our team will ensure the proper installation of solar panels and the aircon unit to maximise the system’s performance and efficiency.
  • Ongoing Maintenance: Partnering with LPS Electrical for your solar aircon system guarantees ongoing support and maintenance to maintain peak performance and longevity.


Solar aircon systems can significantly enhance your cooling solution’s energy efficiency and sustainability. By understanding how these systems work, their benefits, and the factors governing their efficient operation, you can decide to adopt this environmentally friendly and cost-effective technology. Rely on the expertise of LPS Electrical to guide you throughout the process and ensure a seamless transition to solar-powered air conditioning.
Are you ready to reap the numerous benefits of solar aircon systems and contribute to a sustainable future? Let the LPS Electrical expert team help you transition from conventional air conditioning systems to a solar-powered solution. Contact us today for a professional consultation, installation, and ongoing maintenance to maximise your energy efficiency and cost savings. Get a FREE consultation on solar power system to transform your heating and cooling experience now!

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