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13 Jun, 2023
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Rooftop Solar Panels: Elements to Consider Before Installing

As energy prices continue to rise, homeowners in Australia are looking for ways to reduce their electricity bills. One popular option is the installation of rooftop solar panels. Not only do they provide a sustainable energy source, but they also offer significant financial benefits. However, some important elements must be considered before jumping into a solar panel installation.


1. Roof Type and Condition

Your roof should support the weight of the solar panels, ranging from 10 to 25 kilogrammes per square metre. Hence, the roof structure must be in good condition and meet the requirements.

Your roof type can also affect your solar panel’s structure process and efficiency. For example, metal roofs are ideal for solar panel installations because they’re durable, easy to work with, and have a long lifespan. However, tiled roofs can be more challenging to work with because of their fragility and require professional installers who are experienced in handling them.


2. Energy Needs

Before installing solar panels, assess your energy needs accurately. You can calculate this by analysing your energy bills for the past year or using online calculators. Understanding your energy needs will help you determine the size and number of panels required to meet your needs.

You can consult a solar panel installation company that can help you determine the system size for your needs. This way, you can avoid over-sizing or under-sizing your system, affecting its efficiency and cost-effectiveness. 


3. Orientation and Shading

The orientation of your roof will determine the amount of sunlight your solar panels can receive throughout the day. Solar panels should ideally face north in Australia for maximum sunlight exposure, but east or west-facing roofs can also work depending on location and energy needs.

Shading is also an important factor to consider, as even small amounts of shade can significantly reduce the efficiency of solar panels. Hence, you must assess any potential sources of shade and ensure that your solar panels are installed in a location that receives maximum sunlight exposure throughout the day. 


4. Government Rebates

The Australian government offers rebates and incentives for homeowners installing solar panel systems. These rebates can significantly reduce the cost of installation. However, the availability and amount of rebates can vary depending on your state or territory. It’s important to research the available incentives in your area before committing to installation.


5. Installation Company

Choosing the right solar panel installation company is crucial for the success of your project. It’s recommended to find a company with expertise in solar panel systems, a good reputation, and references to show their previous work. It’s also crucial to check if the company is licenced and insured to protect you and your property.


6. Maintenance and Repairs

Once your solar panel system is installed, regular maintenance will be required to keep it functioning efficiently. This includes cleaning the panels and checking for any damage or wear. You should also have a repair plan in place if something goes wrong. Make sure you understand the warranty and maintenance requirements before committing to installation.


Final Thoughts

A solar panel installation can provide significant financial and environmental benefits for homeowners in Australia. However, you must consider all the elements before committing to the project. With careful planning and research, you can enjoy the benefits of a sustainable energy source for years to come.

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